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Victim Advocacy

If you or someone is in danger or needs immediate assistance, please call 911 or local emergency services.

Victim Advocacy Services are available on site and can be reached at 623.333.7913


Comprehensive, coordinated victim support and advocacy services are provided by individuals who have specialized training in victim advocacy.  The Southwest Family Advocacy Center Victim Advocate can provide the following services:


  • Crisis assessment and interventions, risk assessment, and safety planning and support for children and family members at all stages of involvement with the Center.


  • Assessment of individual needs and cultural considerations for the child and family to ensure those needs are addressed.


  • Information sharing about the coordinated, multidisciplinary response.

  • Provision of education and access to victims’ rights and crime victims’ compensation.

  • Assistance in procuring concrete services (i.e. protective orders, food, transportation, public assistance, temporary housing etc).

  • Provision of referrals for specialized, trauma-focused evidence-supported mental health.

  • Engagement in child and family response regarding participation in the investigation and/or prosecution.

  • Provisions of updates to the family on case status, continuances, dispositions, and sentencing.

  • Provision of court education, support, and accompaniment.

  • Coordinated case management meetings with multidisciplinary team members.

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Kim Escobedo, Victim Advocate
City of Avondale and MCSO

habla español

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from ASU in 2011, and upon graduation began my career assisting survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking through a local non-profit agency. In 2017, I began my journey with the Southwest Family Advocacy Center. As a member of the multidisciplinary team, my role is to ensure that all victim needs are met throughout the criminal justice process. As a Victim Advocate, one of my goals is that every family that walks into our center, walks out feeling heard, validated, and hopeful.

Click on image above for AZ Victim's Rights and Compensation information

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Kristina Bunch, Victim Advocate
City of Goodyear

I have been in the advocacy field for 21 years and have a baccalaureate degree in Social Work. I am currently the Victim Services Coordinator for the Goodyear Police Department. I have been with the police department for fifteen years.  My responsibilities include providing on-scene, in-person, or over-the-phone victim-focused assistance to anyone who is a victim of a crime or experiencing a traumatic event to include domestic violence, sexual assault, loss of a loved one, and child physical and sexual abuse.   In addition, I ensure that the department is up to date and in compliance with Arizona law in regards to victims’ rights.

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Claudia Slate, Victim Advocate
City of Buckeye

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Claudia Slate has been a Victim Advocate with the Buckeye Police Department for the past four years. Mrs. Slate is a Nationally Credentialed Advocate who has over eight years of experience providing direct services to the community of Buckeye. Mrs. Slate is also part of the multidisciplinary team at the Southwest Family Advocacy Center in Goodyear. Claudia, who grew up in Buckeye is familiar with the area, its residents and has a true passion and connection to the Buckeye community. Mrs. Slate serves as a board member of several non-profit organizations that serve the Buckeye community; these include Buckeye Police Foundation, Buckeye Super Heroes, and All Faith Community Services. 

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Rosa Mireles

Lay Legal Advocacy Coordinator habla español 

My role is the Lay Legal Advocacy Coordinator with the Sojourner Center. In the Lay Legal Program, we offer lay legal case management, Order of Protection support, safety planning, resources and referrals, and guidance in Family Court proceedings.

The Sojourner Center also offers an array of resources for our clients which include crisis emergency shelter for up to 120 days, a Transitional Housing Program with 32 transitional housing apartments for up to 24 months, an onsite Child Development Center, Order of Protection support, and more. If you would like learn more about the Sojourner Center and our resources, please visit our website at

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