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The Friends of the Southwest Family Advocacy Center (SWFAC) allows the center to go beyond the service level of other advocacy centers by providing funds not included in the Center’s law enforcement agency’s budgets. Examples of support include emergency refuge in local hotels, gift cards for food, transportation for forensic interviews and counseling appointments, post-examination clothing, door lock changes, emergency cell phones, security monitors, and more. Additionally, the Friends of the SWFAC provide enhancements to the center’s playroom, technology to petition for Orders of Protection, and fund monthly Multi-Discipline Team meetings where law enforcement, county attorneys, and others meet monthly for ongoing education and to discuss challenging cases.


The following items are needed for victims and can be donated through the Friends of the SWFAC. Please email us at  All items must be new and in their original packaging.

Wish List:

  • Sports balls (football, soccer, basketball)

  • Nail polish sets, bath gift sets, hair accessories for teenage girls

  • Crafts, technology, drawing, and painting kits for teenage boys and girls

  • Coloring Books (teenager coloring) for Relaxation and Stress Relief and colored pencils

  • Rings, necklaces, and bracelets for teenage girls

  • Toys and board games

  • $5 & $10 gift cards to iTunes, Redbox, Target, Harkins, Fast Food Restaurants

  • Larger denomination gift cards to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target, Safeway – used to purchase supplies and snacks, and drinks for children.

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