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Education and Prevention


Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is a research-based video training that educates parents, adults, and caregivers how to prevent, recognize and respond appropriately to child sexual abuse through the 5 steps. Each participant receives an interactive workbook. For more information visit

2 1/2  Hours    Available in Spanish  



Talking with Children about Safety and Sexual Abuse

Having age-appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex, and boundaries is an important step in protecting children. People who sexually abuse children specifically target children who don't have the skills to talk about it. They use this lack of knowledge to keep them silent, shamed, and compliant. Talking about personal safety and sex creates a protective bond between parent and child, increases confidence for both, and instills knowledge that makes children and teens much less vulnerable. Other adults in the child’s life can find creative ways to teach body safety as well.                     

60 minutes FREE       Available in Spanish



Healthy Touch for Children and Youth

The strongest advocate a child has is YOU!  This class will cover having age-appropriate, open conversations about boundaries, healthy touch and respectful ways to interact with children. These are all important steps to build meaningful relationships to protect our children. Knowing about child sexual abuse makes us more mindful and empowers children.

60 minutes FREE       Available in Spanish



Bystanders Protecting Children

Rarely will we catch someone in the act of abusing a child, but we may see boundary violations or interactions between adult and child that may raise concern. In this class learn how you can actively prevention abuse. Learn how children are groomed by someone they love or trust and how you can set and enforce healthy boundaries to protect them.

60 minutes FREE         Available in Spanish



Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Did you know that 90% of trafficked individuals have a history of being sexually abused? Child sex trafficking in our country is real. In this class, learn about the root cause of sex trafficking and why preventing sexual abuse is important for reducing the risk of children being sexually exploited. 

60 minutes FREE           Available in Spanish



Mandatory Reporter Training

Using the Maricopa County Multidisciplinary Protocol for the Investigation of Child Abuse and ARS 13-3620 participants will learn WHAT, WHO, WHEN, and HOW to report suspected child abuse. This training is appropriate for all people who work with or care for children.

60 Minutes FREE


In a Digital World 101: Technology and Addiction

Every time we receive a like, follow, request, or text the pleasure senses in our brain react. These "pleasure senses" are the same ones that are linked to addictions. Class 101 will talk about how our brains are being impacted by technology, social media, and gaming.

90 Minutes FREE



In a Digital World 201: Technology and the Law (AZ)

Too many times we hear stories or news reports about children sending and receiving naked pictures of themselves on their phones. Class 201 will discuss which Arizona laws we need to know when it comes to our electronic communication devices. Learn how frequent exposure to pornography impacts our children's perception and strategies on how to talk with our children about this topic.

90 Minutes FREE



In a Digital World 301: Technology and Relationships

As technology advances everything seems to become more digital, this includes our relationships. Class 301 will cover how digital abuse is increasing, setting healthy boundaries, cyberbullying, and posting too much information can lead to exploitation.

75 Minutes FREE



In a Digital World 401: Technology and Apps

Did you know there are over 6.5 Million apps available?  Do you know about geotagging? Class 401 will discuss which apps parents need to be aware of, how pictures, messages, and videos can be hidden on the phone, and other red flags we need to be aware of to keep our families safe.

75 Minutes FREE


Healthy Relationships 101: Identifying Abuse

Relationships can be challenging. We bring our thoughts, dreams, desires, fears, quarks, beliefs, and identity and combine it with what other people bring. In class 101, learn how to identify various types of covert and overt abuse, the cycle of abuse, digital abuse, and steps you can take.

75 Minutes FREE



Healthy Relationships 201: Healthy Communication

Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. In class 201, learn healthy characteristics of good relationships, pitfalls of miscommunication, and what steps you can take to communicate openly and honestly. 

75 Minutes FREE



Healthy Relationships 301: Boundaries and Codependency

Relationships can be like a jigsaw puzzle with each person brings their "pieces" to the relationship. What makes healthy relationships is having a clear sense of self, knowing YOUR pieces that make a beautiful masterpiece. In class 301 will cover understanding codependency and moving towards interdependency by setting healthy boundaries.

90 Minutes FREE



Healthy Relationships 401: Trauma and Childhood Experiences

Sometimes the experiences we bring to our relationships are shaped by our childhood experiences. Class 401 will discuss how childhood traumas can impact our health, lifestyle choices, and even our relationships. This topic will consist mainly of research from the Adverse Childhood Experience Study (ACEs) performed by Keiser-Permanente and the Center for Disease Control in the mid-'90s.  90 Minutes FREE



The Role of the Advocacy Center in the Community

Presenter(s) will discuss the role of the Advocacy Center, the Multi-disciplinary Team, the social and economic impact of child abuse, statistics, and available prevention education opportunities.  Speaking engagements can be designed for educational institutions, businesses, faith-based groups, organizations, and clubs.

30-60 minutes FREE



Trauma and the ACE Study: Understanding and Responding to Childhood Adversity

Presenters will discuss the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study and its impact on Arizona,  the neurobiological and physiological impact of trauma, how educators can recognize symptoms of trauma as well as how to set up a supportive classroom. Therapists will discuss the role/impact of shame in traumatic experiences and provide small group interventions to support students surviving trauma.  Click here to learn more about the ACE Study.

120 Minutes FREE


Interested in attending trainings and workshops or bring them to your school, business or organization? 


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"Law Enforcement is never going to investigate their way out of these crimes, these crimes against children, it is only through prevention that we can help stem the tide."

Detective Richard Love

Ft. Lauderdale Police Department

FBI Crimes Against Children

Addiction to Technology

- Simon Sinek

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

- Nadine Burke Harris

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