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Protecting our Children in our Faith Communities

As a provider of programming and services for youth, your faith center can play a critical role in protecting the lives of children. You can help put an end to child sexual abuse by implementing a comprehensive child protection program and training your staff, childcare workers, and adult volunteers. Ask any congregation that has experienced a case of sexual abuse and they will tell you that knowing what they know now, there is NO amount of time that would have been too great to spend on prevention and educating their members. 


As a faith based organization you have the opportunity to set a new standard within your community.  Who better than you to make the commitment to be stewards of the precious children in your care. You can be a leader to your community as well as a leader among other faith based organizations by setting a higher standard and showing that you will do whatever it takes to keep children safe when they are with you.

Community-based organizations in protecting children from abuse
Impact of Abuse and Neglect
Warning signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect
Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect
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